On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be enjoying the sunshine at the gorgeous Glen Erin in Lancefield and celebrating conducting my 100th wedding with the lovely Celia and Dave…..


On the long drive home, I got to reflecting about how truly overwhelmed and honoured I feel that 100 beautiful couples had chosen me to help them celebrate their special days.  I’ve had so many great memories over the last 2 years and I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my favourite ones.


  • Adam and Amanda – How can I go past the gorgeous Amanda and Adam who put their complete faith in me and helped me do my first wedding? I’ll still remember Adam’s mad grin as Amanda walked around the corner of the house with their beautiful daughter.  While I was sweating bullets on the inside, hopefully this didn’t show too much

  • Ringbearers and flower folks – there have been some classics – from Simon and Angela’s two year old nephew ringbear to the hilarious ringbearer who, when paralysed with fear, decided to throw Steve, Lizzie and I the ringbox instead! There was Dani and Daniel’s flowergirl who was a complete natural as she strutted down the aisle to Tallara and Peter’s daughter Caitlyn who I needed to rescue from the middle of the aisle and carry the rest of the way.  So many cute little people!!!

  • The laughs, soooooo many laughs – inappropriate laughs, nervous giggles, anxious splutters, rehearsals that went for hours because we couldn’t stop laughing – these have definitely been a major highlight for me!

  • Spectacular dresses – Jaymee’s designer pink dress, Nicole’s stunning red dress, Hayley and Caz’s peplum dresses, Tam’s stunning silver number, Lande’s sea green one, Rochelle’s and Sarah’s black and white dresses – I can honestly say I’m yet to meet a bride who didn’t look stunning!

  • The grooms – definitely one of my favourite parts of any ceremony is watching the groom get the first look at his bride. From big tough Ounch’s tears after swearing he wasn’t going to cry, to Jon’s mad grin, to Dan’s ear to ear grin – these guys just give me goosebumps every time.

  • Surprise weddings – I love surprise weddings – and you can turn any occasion into one – I’ve turned 1st birthdays, engagement parties and even just a Saturday lunch into a fun surprise wedding!

  • The pets!!!! There was Milo, Obi, Delilah, Splash, Grayham Littleears and hopefully many more dogs as part of bridal parties moving forward
  • The vows – so much many gorgeous, from the heart, tear wrenching, beautiful, soulful vows. To those who shared their heart’s words with me, I sincerely thank you, it’s been humbling.  To Ben who was terrified he would stuff his up, I said it then, I’ll say it now – you nailed it!!!!

  • The good friends’ weddings – Tess and Liam, Becc and Ric, Lande and Henry – thank you for trusting me to step out of friend and into celebrant mode for each of you!  And of course a special mention to Colin the goat for his amazing reading!!!!

  • The amazing industry peeps – when I first decided to move into the crazy world of weddings, one of the biggest things I was nervous about was my peers, will they like me, accept me or hate and shun me! And I have been soooooo pleasantly surprised at how many amazing people there are in this industry and how open, warm, wonderful, generous and downright awesome they are.  Way too many to list, but you know who you are!!!


And most importantly, to each and every one of the 100 couples who have trusted me with their day and to the 50 odd more whose day is still to come, I thank you from the bottom of heart.  Thank you for believing in me, for trusting me with your precious ceremony, for laughing with me and occasionally at me, and for just being the beautiful people that each of you are!!!!!!!



M xo

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