Anniversaries are a funny thing – for some people they are a great opportunity to recommit to each other or to spend some quality time together, for others it’s just another day in the calendar.

My lovely hubby, Scott and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last week.  When we chose the day before Australia Day as our wedding date we didn’t really think about the future implications for our anniversary (it was more designed around when the snow would be great in the States for our honeymoon!). Yes its great we always have a public holiday the next day but it does often mean we have away camping with friends, so our anniversary doesn’t tend to be an overly romantic affair for us (plus I think that Scott’s missing that gene! J)

We made a bit of an effort this year as it was our 5th anniversary.  Traditionally this is the year for wood, so I bought him a nice bottle of oak barrelled scotch.  I am not sure how my collection of donuts fits that theme but I did certainly enjoy them!

All of this has gotten me thinking about fun ways I’ve hear about to celebrate your anniversary.  Here are some of my faves:

  • Good friends of ours had had both of their children by their 5th anniversary, so they got a beautiful wooden plaque made saying Hunter family established 2009 and all of their names
  • My best friend and her hubby still mainly celebrate the date they got together which is around Valentine’s Day. Each year they take it turns to organise a fun and secret weekend away for the two of them.
  • Another thing that has become popular in ceremonies is the wine and letter box ritual. In the ceremony, the bride and groom place a nice bottle of wine and a letter that they write to each other in a nice box. This box is then placed somewhere significant in the house so that there is always a reminder of the magic of their wedding day.  On their first anniversary, they drink the wine together and read the letters, and then replace the wine and letters for the ritual to be replicated at each subsequent anniversary.
  • For bigger anniversaries you might use this as an opportunity to renew your vows and the commitment that you make to each other
  • Last but not least you can go the traditional route and get a gift in line with the year of anniversary it is – here is a link for the comprehensive list

I hope that gives you a little inspiration – if in doubt you can always be like Scott and I and just have a nice dinner out together!

Happy anniversary!

M xox

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