Fun and Different Wedding Ideas

A few “fun and different” wedding ideas to help you make your special day unique.


wedding ceremony ideas
  • No nieces or young female children to be your flower girls?  No fear, enlist your grandmas – see the gorgeous pic here.
  • Keep your order of service simple with this great idea.
  • Lots of wedding venues don’t allow confetti or petals so why not have beautiful white or coloured wands to wave instead?
  • Thinking of a winter wedding?  Why not provide a basket of blankets for your guests to keep warm?
  • Rather than a red carpet, why not have an aisle runner of your favourite rugs?
  • Make the end of your ceremony or your first kiss as a married couple truly spectacular with the “shower of confetti”.  Of course can be substituted with rose petals if confetti is not allowed!
  • Is your ceremony going to be a tear jerker?  Then why not provide guests with a tissue in their order of service?
  • Rather than normal confetti, make this gorgeous confetti using heart shape cut outs of your favourite kids books!

Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

bridesmaid and flower girl ideas
  • Make your flowergirl dresses even more gorgeous by adding a feather boa to the bottom like this.
  • Rather than flowers for your bridesmaid why not get gorgeous parasols.


wedding Bonbonniere ideas
  • A sweet and sustainable gift idea for your guests is this gorgeous tree aptly named the wedding bush!
  • Another option is to give your guests a seed packet so they can watch your love grow!
  • For a destination wedding, give your guests fun and quirky luggage tags!


wedding photo ideas
  • Provide your guests with blank CDs and ask them to burn a copy of their pictures from your big day.  You will get lots of different shots with different people including ones that your photographer may have missed!
  • Use this gorgeous frame to create different and beautiful wedding photos.
  • Rather than using confetti, why not add extra colour to your photos by asking your guests to throw brightly coloured pompoms?
  • Or use sprinkles as  confetti?
  • Make your photos really pop by giving your guests sparklers as party favourites
  • Is there a gorgeous story behind how you know your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen?  Then share it on blackboards for a cute photo.
  • If you have some very special women in your life, capture a photo of each of your weddings bands for a beautiful memory of your special day.
  • Add some Christmas to your photos with this gorgeous mistletoe shot.
  • Add some colour and fun to your group photos with helium balloons.
  • Get your photographer to take a photo of your flower girl in your wedding dress and save it to give to her on her wedding day.


wedding decor ideas
  • Add a bit of life to your seating plan with this cheeky idea.
  • Make a gorgeous heart out of string for your cake table, guestbook table or any table really!  See a pic with instructions here.
  • Personalise your reception area by adding photos of family members and other loved ones from their wedding day
  • Add some spice to your wedding guestbook with a fabulous wedding pinata – guests leave notes and well wishes in the pinata and you guys get to crack it open on your first anniversary (covers your 1st anniversary gift of paper too!!!) Check it out here.
  • For those who love to travel, have a travel themed guestbook.  Collect vintage postcards and have your guests leave you messages on them.
  • Put cute photos of the two of you in old jars to use as a funky centrepiece.
  • Make incredible photo table runners!
  • Rather than a traditional guestbook, have your guests leave you a note on a wooden heart and make it into a beautiful wall hanging.


wedding flower ideas
  • Rather than tossing the bouquet, why not do a bouquet ribbon pull? You have a number of ribbons hanging from your bouquet but only one attached to the bouquet.  Each single lady grabs a ribbon and on your count, they all pull while you let go – the lady with the ribbon attached to the bouquet is the lucky winner!
  • Looking for a truly memorial wedding bouquet?  Ask each guest to bring a single stem of their favourite flower. While walking down the aisle collect each bloom.  By the end not only will your bouquet be gorgeous and colourful, it will be a beautiful reflection of all of your family and friends!
  • I love this twist on a traditional bouquet – rather than flowers have a butterfly bouquet! 
  • Looking for a sweet twist on a traditional bouquet?  Why not have a marshmallow bouquet!!!
  • Beach themed wedding – why not have a seashell bouquet?
  • Don’t like the idea of”throwing your bouquet? Then lock up your bouquet and give each female guest a key, which of course only one opens the lock!


wedding cake ideas
  • Embrace your inner children with a fun twist on a cupcake stand wedding cake – use chocolate crackles and honey joys!  My best friend did this at her wedding and it was a massive hit.
  • Rather than a cake – why not have a stack of pies?


wedding shoes ideas
  • “Borrow” this Turkish traditions of having your bridesmaids or single female friends sign the bottom of your shoes.  The legend says that the name which has faded the most will be the next one to marry.  See it here.

Just for Fun!

fun wedding ideas
  • Love games? Make your next game of Jenga super memorable by asking guests to leave you a message on the puzzle pieces – like this.  
  • Love to dance but hate the high heel pinch?  Please your guests with some dance friendly shoes.
  • Does the idea of everyone watching you do your first dance terrify you?  Why not invite all the married couples to join you? As an additional twist, every 30 seconds get the DJ or band to call years of marriage in 5 year increments and as each couple reach their anniversary they sit down.


wedding invitations ideas

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