Here in Melbourne we are spoiled with an abundance of choice for wedding venues……. Looking for a winery wedding?  No problems we have at least 3 dedicated areas.  Want beach settings? We have some of the best in the world.  Looking for mountain ranges?  Try the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges.


So it was with great surprise and delight that I came across a venue last month that was truly unique.  Previously known as the Yarra Valley Conference Centre, Yarra Valley Estate (YVE) has undergrown a transformation recently and future couples are definitely the beneficiaries.


Now I want to state upfront that I am not being paid or coerced into this article and all opinions in this blog post are purely my opinion.  I left my meeting with Katrina, their GM of Sales so genuinely excited and motivated about what these amazing people are doing that I just HAD to share it with you all.


So what was it that made me so excited?


Yes it is nestled in the Yarra Valley and has all the gorgeousness that this brings but that’s not what makes this venue truly special.  The following are just some of the amazing things Yarra Valley Estate can bring to its couples and their guests:


  • A genuine and deep focus on sustainability – they currently have a zero carbon footprint and are working towards zero waste. Their focus and efforts are so remarkable that they recently won the UN’s Sustainability Award for a small-medium business for Australia (yep not just Victoria but Australia!)
  • An airplane hanger and landing strip – perfect for the dramatic helicopter entrance or to make a truly different indoor back up option. This isn’t just for looks though, owner John uses this to fly doctors and medical aid to remote communities in Papua New Guinea twice a year

  • Babbajin Park, a rescued wildlife sanctuary – when Tony lost his previous property and wildlife shelter in the Black Saturday bushfires, YVE owners, John and Louise knew that they needed to support this amazing cause so gifted 5 acres of their property to Tony so he could continue his fantastic work. Guests of the property are able to have sneak peak, and if they are really lucky, a cuddle with some of Tony’s adorable patients.

  • They have 48 rooms on site ensuring that there is plenty of accommodation for all of your guests


The list does go on but hopefully the above has been enough to whet your appetite.  So if giving back and reducing our impact on this earth are things that you are passionate about, I urge you to give Katrina and her team a call and book in a visit to this truly wonderful place – you won’t be disappointed.

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