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Below is a list of questions I often get asked or asked myself when I was getting married. I have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible without being daunting. However, if you have a question and it isn't on the list, please feel free to get in touch!

Before the Day

What happens at the first interview?

The first interview is a chance for me to get to know both of you and a little bit more about the ceremony you are looking for.  It’s a very informal conversation, where you get a chance to meet me and see if I am going to be right for you. This tends to take in a cafe or a pub – somewhere we can have a good chat and get a coffee or a wine.  While I make every effort to meet you face to face, something this isn’t possible so we do a Skype chat instead.

Where do we meet?

I have a couple of places where I normally meet my couples.  Specifically these are: Cafe Lua in Carlton, Capitol Kitchen in Chadstone, Switch at Knox and The Fire House in Ringwood. However, if these are particularly difficult for you to get to please let me know and we can chat about an alternative location.

When do these meetings occur?
This is my full time job, so I can meet you during the day, evenings or weekends.  As part of our initial consultation over email or phone we will agree a time that works for all of us.
If I meet with you, am I obligated to book you?
Absolutely not!  While I certainly hope that you do like what I can offer, choosing the right celebrant is a very personal and important decision.  As such, all first meetings are completely obligation free.  If you do like what you see, you can secure your chosen date by paying a $100 deposit (either on the day or by direct deposit).
Do you charge extra for a rehearsal?
No. I think a rehearsal is a really important part of the planning process and is a standard part of my package. We can do this either at the venue or an alternative location – whatever is easier!
Can you help us choose our music?
Absolutely.  As part of my information pack, you will be provided with a list of possible songs and websites with more choices to help you make the right selection.
Do you use 'off the shelf' ceremonies?
No. While there are some elements that are legal requirements to include in wedding ceremonies, I assure you that every ceremony is designed with you for you.  In fact, I provide all couples with a complimentary information pack that helps them start to build a ceremony that works for them.
Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely!!!!!  I am available to assist, guide, give you some starting points etc. and make sure they compile with legal requirement (you must state your name, the person’s name you are marrying, that you are making these vows in front of the witnesses present or words to that effect and that you are taking them to be your lawful wedded husband/wife/spouse).

Do we have to write our own vows?
Not at all! Some people like and want to do that, others are terrified and have no idea where to start.  If you fall into the latter group, I can work with you to create some vows that work for you.

On the Day

What will you wear?
Anything you like (though for the sake of everyone involved I don’t do nudity!).  Jokes aside, I am happy to dress in a style that will suit with your day. Typically, I will wear a dress or skirt and top in colours that complement your colour scheme. If you have a themed wedding, I am happy to discuss dressing in costume for an additional fee.
Do you travel to weddings?
Yes I can and do travel.  Anything beyond a 1 hour drive from home in Croydon may incur an additional fee but ask me and we can talk about it!
What time do you get to the venue on the day?
I like to get to the venue between 30 mins and 1 hour before the ceremony is due to start. This allows me time to set up my equipment, play background music if needed, check in with the groom and/or bride, help you greet guests and get myself organised to perform a fantastic ceremony!
Do you do more than one wedding a day?
Sometimes. My standard is that I won’t book weddings that are less than 3 hours apart from each other so I have plenty of time to travel between venues and ensure I can do the set up I need to do. I don’t take any more than 2 bookings in a day.
Do I need to provide a PA?
No. I have a PA that I will provide and ensure is set up and working well before your ceremony commences.
Can you provide the music?

Absolutely! My PA is ipod and CD compatible.  The easiest way is if you send me the name of the songs you want and I create a Spotify playlist .  Then all you have to do is nominate a guest or ask your function co-ordinator to play DJ on the day!  I also provide background music perform the ceremony and are happy to take requests for this playlist!

Do I have to talk into a microphone? Can I just say I do?
Legally your vows must be heard by myself, your partner and your witnesses.  Where the ceremony is outside this normally means that yes you do need to use a microphone which I will provide. No, you can’t just say I Do.  Legally you are required to say your name, that you are taking <Your Partner’s name> in front of witnesses to be your lawful wedded husband/wife.  This is the minimum.  I do have a number of strategies to help make this less daunting which I can chat to you about.
What happens if it rains or there is another 'disaster' on the day?
I pride myself on my strong organisation skills.  As part of planning your ceremony, we will talk about wet weather plans and ensure we have the right plan in place to accommodate rain. If the groom or bride is running late, then I ensure that I allow ample time to still have the ceremony complete however I may need to leave if I have another engagement if the delay is longer than 1 hour.

General Questions

What documents do I need to provide you? (For Weddings Only)
Prior to your wedding, you need to complete and sign a Notice of Intention to Marriage.  I will normally complete this with you at one of our meetings.  This MUST be completed a minimum of one month before your wedding.  You will also need to sign a declaration prior to the commencement of your ceremony. Finally, I will need to cite verification of your identity and place and time of birth – normally through a passport or if you don’t have one a birth certificate and a form of photo id.  If you don’t have either of these, please let me know and I can discuss other alternatives.
How soon after we meet you can we book you? How soon after booking you can we get married?

You can book me at the time of our interview by paying a $200 deposit.  By law, you need to complete a Notice of Intention to Marry a minimum of one month prior to being able to marry.  For renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies this is not a requirement.

What happens if we change our mind?
I fully understand that sometimes these things happen.  Where a cancellation is provided more than 14 days in advance of ceremony date, then you will not be required to pay the balance of the fee (or if it has already been paid then this will be refunded). Where a cancellation is provided with less than 14 days notice of the ceremony date, then no refund is available.  The $100 deposit is non-refundable.
Are you held to any kind of code of practice? Are you a registered and authorised celebrant?
Absolutely! As marriage is a serious and legal binding affair, all celebrants must abide by this Code of Practice.  Yes I am authorised by the Attorney General’s department.  You can confirm this by checking out their website.
What happens if I am unhappy with the service you provide and wish to make a complaint?
I sincerely hope that this is never the case and would firstly ask you to discuss with me any issues or feedback you may have.  I promise to listen and be open minded.  If you are uncomfortable with this, you are able to make a complaint. You can find the procedure here.

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